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I have being speaking with among other experts in North Dakota; the CEO of Bakken Energy Services, Inc., which is a consulting firm with first-hand knowledge of some new techniques being used to recover more oil from the North Dakota Bakken, Three Forks, and Sannish oil producing intervals in the 200,000 square mile area known as the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, Montana, and Saskatchewan, Canada.

There are now ‘walking rigs’ or drilling platforms being moved on wheels such as the space shuttle platforms were moved to launch sites…and these movable drilling platforms permit a drilling company like Nabors, or Parker Drilling for example to drill as many as 8 horizontal wells on a single pad with the objective to fully draining a 1,280 acre standard spacing unit in North Dakota. Previously, drilling rigs had to be disassembled to set-up on locations a mile away from the first location drilled for example. This new ‘walking rig’ drilling technique now allows continuous drilling at multiple locations which saves money and time previously needed to break-down, and set-up drilling rigs at each one mile location within a two section drilling block.

The current oil production now averages about 740,000 barrels of oil per day (bopd) from the Bakken Shale and is increasing as approximately 200 drilling rigs owned or leased by the major and large independent oil companies tap & develop the shale reserves.

There are many ways to participate in the ‘Rockin Bakken’ and many people are making big money in this genuine ‘oil boom’…call with any questions.




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