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FYI…Investors, I’m impressed with the forecast of new findings about additional upside in the Bakken Shale by the USGS Report coming-out!

Bakken Shale could hold 100 times more recoverable oil than previously estimated!

Soon-To-Be-Released, New USGS Report Could Signal…of explosive Bakken Shale profits!

So, if you missed out on these huge profits during round 1 of the Bakken revolution:

• 473% gain – Marathon Oil
• 538% gain — Continental Resources
• 560% gain — Statoil ASA
• 766% gain — Whiting Petroleum
• 672% gain — Hess
• 1,611% gain — EOG Resources
• 5,557% gain — Kodiak Oil & Gas

A New, soon-to-be-released USGS Report could estimate the vast Bakken Shale holds as much as 100+ billion barrels of original oil in place. Consider also the fact of the Bakken having a 99.6% probability of drilling success. This record is after the drilling of over 6,000 successful wells has taken place in the Bakken Shale.

It’s common knowledge among oil industry higher-ups that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is putting the final touches on its brand new, two-year, intensive geological study to determine more-accurately how much recoverable oil is in the vast Bakken Shale.

Even thought the USGS has not yet confirmed it, geologists at major, big-oil companies are betting that, when released, the new estimates will indicate there may be much more recoverable oil in the Bakken Shale than previously reported by the USGS in its last 2008 survey!

You need to act now before the government releases new, much higher estimates!

Because, just as its previous 2008 survey unleashed an investor rush that quadrupled the trading prices of many Bakken-related oil stocks, so could a new increase of oil reserves in the Bakken Shale can ignite a second round of buying.
Round-one investors, who were quick to jump on most any of the Bakken’s exploratory drillers, could have made huge profits of 473% . . .766% . . .1,611% and even 5,557% as companies like Marathon, Hess and Kodiak began drilling.
That was then. And the many of the initial Bakken investors are very, very rich.

But now, new estimates by credible geologists with some of the majors put the Bakken’s total oil in place much higher, conceivably as much as 100 times of what’s referred to as original oil in place, or 100 times the original estimate of 2.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil. It’s expected that the new USGS Survey will confirm this astonishing increase in recoverable Bakken oil reserves. And, I don’t see how it can possibly not ignite a repeat of the round one buying frenzy. But, for the maximum bang for your buck when that USGS report hits the street, you don’t want to invest now in the higher priced oil stocks that already took a ride on the 2008 Report.

If you’re an energy investor, you may know that most of those early, first-to-the Bakken, super-hot energy stocks have understandably cooled as fat and happy early investors have taken big profits off the table. While many of those already-profitable, Bakken-related stocks will undoubtedly get a huge boost from a new USGS Report, none is likely to give you a repeat of the kind of explosive profits seen in the early days of the Bakken Shale revolution.

Round 2 of the Bakken Revolution:

But, what if…

You could turn back the calendar to the days when stocks of Bakken juniors like Kodiak Oil & Gas which were trading for pennies? What if you could invest now in the Bakken’s next 5,557% super-stock?

• What if there is a “whole new” Bakken within the already developing oil fields of the vast Bakken shale that is just now attracting attention?
• And what if there was a brand new, still-undiscovered exploration company, headed by a field geologist recognized as one of America’s most experienced Bakken experts?
• What if that company had just negotiated the mineral rights to some key, and prime Bakken acreage?

What if you could invest in a new company pre-issue price at $2.00 a share. What if the stock of a Bakken newcomer proves true to the pattern of so many past Bakken success stories? Well that, in a nutshell, is what this is all about!

Suncor Energy up 178 profits at 360% and 500% increases…
Holly Frontier profits of 135%
Darling Int’l up 320%
Marathon Petroleum profits at 88% & 117%

Even as the market hits new all-time highs, there’s lots of money still sitting on the sidelines, poised to pour into the market and it is likely you will see great stocks explode in bursts – racking up 80% of their next 12 month gains…in 12 weeks or less.

P.S. It’s an astonishing fact that 99.6% of all wells drilled to date in the Bakken have been successful! Sophisticated seismic data indicate the Bakken Shale can surprise us even more than we thought with even greater amounts of oil! Editor

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