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I’ve wanted to write this short report, and make specific comments about an issue that irritates me for some time now, but didn’t have the right frame of reference figured-out until now.

Let’s start with the government, take your pick, local, state, or federal.

The worst offender of misuse or waste of our funds, or simply because of the sheer volume of money they get from citizens each year, is the federal government. The federal government brings-in each year about 4 trillion in money from taxes, etc., and this too me is simply mind blowing. This is billing of the taxpayers, corporations, and a variety of fee’s the government charges for our use of the property, businesses, or assets owned by the people.

Congress hasn’t deemed it a high priority to balance a budget, cut the deficit to do so, or limit their actions of squandering our money; nor do they tell us where they spend our money. Yet Washington, or Congress, or the administration can with a phone call investigate anyone of us for a lack of reporting via tax returns, or accuse us of misuse of funds or worse, or frankly for anything else they want to find-out about we the people.

I find it unbelievable that we put up with the ‘unbridled hypocrisy’ of our federal government about wanting to know everything about our lives, businesses, assets, and everything about us, and yet we can’t get it to act responsibly, or according to a budget to live within it’s means. It’s hard for me to reconcile this two faced approach to telling me how to run my life or business when we are being taken to the cleaners by our hypocritical government.

P.S. It’s obviously okay for the federal government to go into massive debt while telling us how to run our businesses, and tell us when we are doing it incorrectly…


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