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From the Desk of: Porter Stansberry

Why I Want to Send You a
Free Copy of the Best (and Most Dangerous) Book I Read Over the Christmas Break

Hi, Porter Stansberry here.

I hope you had a nice holiday break.

Personally, I had a great time relaxing with my family in Miami. I spent as much time as possible doing three of my favorite things on Earth: fishing, playing with my sons, and reading.

I always hesitate to recommend books to my subscribers. That’s because almost every time someone recommends a book to me, I’m disappointed. Truth is, most books are published to satisfy the ego of the author… not to benefit the reader. There are very, very few books I read that I find are worth my time… that deliver important new ideas to me…

And I read such a book a few days ago, over the Christmas holiday. While I know that many people won’t like this book, they’ll even say it’s ‘dangerous,’ what I found inside it was like a script of the future, as I see it.

In fact, this brand new volume (it went on sale only a few weeks ago) is so good, and so important, I actually just ordered several thousand copies, and shipped them to our warehouse facilities outside of Baltimore.

I bought thousands of these books because I’d like to send you one — for free. This book is that important. In fact, I’ll even cover the costs of shipping and handling.

No, this isn’t a gag, or a joke. This is a major new book, written by a New York Times best-selling author. It retails for $20, plus shipping. I believe it will be widely acclaimed as the most controversial book of 2013. You must read it. So I’d like to send it to you — for free.

Why would I do that…?

Well, let me tell you about this book and its author… DWS Reference: Doug Casey and his book ‘Totally Incorrect’

As I’m sure you’ve realized if you’ve read my work at all over the past few years, I have very little regard for most economists and political pundits.

Most of these men and women have never put forth an original or interesting thought in their life. Most have never run a business… had to meet payroll… or done anything that counts as real-world business experience.

But there’s one American economist and critic I regard as utterly brilliant.

I have complete and utmost respect for this man… and for the first time in many years, he has produced a brand-new book.

What I love about this book is that it might make you rich.

But there’s actually much more to it than that.

More importantly, this book will help you look at the world in a new and insightful way.

It will open your eyes to ideas and opportunities I’m positive you have never considered before. What’s in this book will show you the world in a new light. It will allow you to see the world as it really is… which is an incredibly valuable gift I want all of our readers to enjoy.

And I’m willing to bet that as you read this book, you will find yourself taking copious notes, underlining full passages, and talking about it constantly with your friends, co-workers, and family.

Just be careful though…

As you’ll see, there’s nothing at all politically correct or “mainstream” about the ideas it contains. In fact, the ideas this fellow proposes are downright dangerous.

They are dangerous to the government. Dangerous to corporate CEOs and all of Wall Street. Dangerous to both political parties. Dangerous to the medical establishment. Dangerous to the police… the school system… and just about every institution that rules life as we know it in America today.

In fact, the book is actually called “Totally Incorrect,” because Doug Casey, the author, has a rare ability to challenge almost everything we as Americans today take for granted.

Now, if you know Doug at all, or if you are familiar with his work, you know that he is uniquely qualified to write a book such as this.

That’s because Doug has more “real world,” varied experience than just about any human being on the planet.

Don’t believe me?

Just take a look at a few of the things Doug has done…

Doug actually went to college with Bill Clinton at Georgetown. Since then, he’s visited more than 175 countries. He’s owned property and has done business all over the world. He’s been a major investor in more than a thousand different companies. He’s been a polo player, a pilot, a developer, an exotic car dealer, and a winemaker, just to name a few.

He’s met with probably a dozen Presidents around the world. He’s gotten into scuffles with police and army officials across the globe.

This is a guy who’s a multimillionaire… yet still hops freight trains for fun and adventure. This is a guy who’s been invited to speak at probably 500 conferences around the globe… yet has the guts to refuse to shake Dick Cheney’s hand at a meeting, and tells him face to face how much he despises the former Vice President.

And because of Doug’s incredible breadth of experience, he has been the topic of numerous features in publications such as Time, Forbes, People, and The Washington Post. He’s been a featured guest on David Letterman, Charlie Rose, and Regis Philbin.

Back in the 1980s, when Doug devoted a lot of his time to writing books, he had the best-selling financial book of the year one year (according to The New York Times)… and then broke the record a few years later, when he received the largest advance in the history of financial publishing at the time—as I understand it, it was more than $800,000, which was a heck of a lot of money back then.

And keep in mind… this was back in the day when people bought books because of word of mouth, in bookstores. Back when it really meant something to have a “best-seller.” This was before the days of Amazon, where today just about anyone can hype themselves up on-line for a few days and call themselves a “best-seller.”

The thing you have to realize about Doug Casey is that people want him on their TV shows… and people are willing to pay him absurd amounts of money in advances for his books, for one simple reason:

Because Doug Casey offers a new and refreshing take on just about every pressing issue of the day. He’s a really rich guy, who is incredibly successful, because of his unique take on life, business, and the world.

I’ve been extremely lucky to develop a friendship with Doug. Over the last 15 years he’s mentored me, introduced me to his friends all over the world, and taught me more about how the world actually works (as opposed to the stuff I was taught in school) than anyone else.

While I can’t deliver a friendship with this great man… or even offer you the chance to meet with him personally… I can give you about 90% of the wisdom he’s given me, by sending you a copy of this book.

I promise you… there is nothing else quite like this book… published anywhere, by anyone. In fact, I helped Doug write the book by encouraging him, about five years ago to begin writing down the lessons he’d taught me and several other protégés. What’s in this book is literally the discussions we’ve had privately over many, many years.

Doug’s new work will help you see the world in a way that enables you to make more money… better understand human nature… gain a historical perspective… and generally enrich your life.

And like I said… some of the information in Doug’s new book could make you rich. For example…

** On page 36, Doug explains why some of the most valuable land in America in the near future will be land that is literally the cheapest and least-desired on the planet today. I’ve never seen this idea written about anywhere else, but it could potentially be very lucrative if Doug is right.

And of course, Doug has an incredible real estate track record. I don’t know anyone who’s made more money in real estate than Doug. He bought in Aspen way, way before it became popular. He bought huge properties in New Zealand when very few foreigners even considered the place.

A few pages earlier, on page 25, Doug explains:

** The best long-term bet you can make with your money right now. This has nothing to do with precious metals or real estate or anything like that. It’s a simple investment anyone with a long-term investment horizon should make today, according to Doug. He says it’s “the best single bet I can think of…”

Then, later in the book, starting on page 327, Doug includes two full chapters on what he calls “The Education of a Speculator.”

** No one I know of has made more money than Doug “speculating” in the markets. Most people don’t even know what “speculating” means, but Doug explains exactly how it works. He talks about the keys to profitable speculations… how to get huge dividends of 15% to 20%… the biggest mistakes he made… how he has made gains as high as 10,000%… the pros and cons of investing in private companies… how to sort through deals to distinguish good bets from bad ones… and much more.

But like I said, Doug’s secrets of making so much money are just the tip of the iceberg here. His new book is about much more than that…

Some of Doug’s other ideas and insights, for example, can help you protect yourself and your family from what’s happening in America right now.

On page 131, for instance, Doug explains…

** How he believes the government will likely soon regulate gun ownership, and what you can do to protect yourself from these new regulations.

This piece of advice alone could be worth the price of the book. Doug believes he knows exactly how this is all likely to play out. And the good news is, you can totally get ahead of the system if you act soon.

Incredibly, I just heard on the radio today that the Maryland government is talking about doing just what Doug says.

** The best tax-loophole in America, which gives you more money and improves your life in a dramatic way. It also makes your family safer. Page 166
** The best way to legally hide money and assets from the government, and make lots of money at the same time. Doug has done this over and over again in his life… and he shows you exactly what you need to do to legally take advantage of this valuable secret today too. Page 167

As you’ll soon see, the range of topics covered in this book is impressive. It’s basically a series of compiled interviews, which gives Doug the opportunity to cover whatever is on his mind.

For example, Doug also talks about the environment… but in typical Doug fashion, lends a new take on the subject, which you won’t find anywhere else.

More specifically…

** On page 103, Doug describes how environmentalists today are worried about global warming and pollution and countless other threats…

But are completely oblivious to several environmental threats that are far, far more dangerous… which basically no one is paying attention to.

A little earlier in the book, Doug describes his vision of the future, and as usual, Doug has a fascinating and surprisingly optimistic take:

** In fact, on page 39, Doug explains how he believes there’s a huge technological event on the horizon, which he says will be, “the single most important thing to happen—ever.” Doug says we date things now BC and AD, but in the years to come, we will date everything pre- and post- this date in the near future. Again, it’s all spelled out in full detail on page 39.

Doug also outlines how he thinks the world will change rather dramatically in the coming years. Sure, he thinks America has problems, but he’s a huge believer in man’s ability to adapt and in the progress of new technologies.

As a result…

** Starting on page 313, Doug includes a whole chapter on how various countries are changing… the best places in the world to live… and his favorite place in the world to buy real estate right now. If you are thinking about moving, traveling, or buying real estate abroad, this is a must-read. Keep in mind, Doug has traveled to nearly 200 countries. He’s lived in a dozen. Doug’s definition of “lived” is that he’s been there long enough to buy real estate, or rent a place and set up housekeeping.

And when it comes to the subject of war and terrorism, Doug Casey always has an interesting take.

One thing you might not know about Doug Casey is that he actually predicted that terrorists might fly planes into important U.S. buildings (and even mentioned Osama bin Laden by name), just a few months before the disaster of September 11th.

His prediction was eerily accurate, and probably drew the attention of law enforcement.

So what does Doug believe will happen next in the U.S. government’s ridiculous “war on terror”?

** Well, on pages 197 -200, Doug describes what he believes is the most dangerous physical threat to America right now. It’s actually something we are not prepared for at all. In fact, Doug describes exactly how he thinks the next terrorist attack will take shape in America.

Of course, because Doug is one of the most widely read and well-traveled people on Earth, his book is also filled with historical bits you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

For example:

** Did you know that in the days of the Republic, Roman coins portrayed mythical figures, like gods and goddesses, and ideal concepts? They changed to portraits of the emperor after Caesar.

The very same thing happened in America…

In America, at around the same time the income tax was introduced and the Federal Reserve was created, we started putting President’s heads on coins too. Before then we had only things like Liberty, Indians, and buffaloes. You’ll find the full story beginning on page 49.

Speaking of Rome, only Doug Casey can offer the insight that’s critical to understanding what America has in common with the Roman Empire today.

On page 81, for example, Doug says:

“I’ve always said this about the Roman emperors: people thought it couldn’t get any worse after Tiberius, but then they got Caligula, then Claudius. They really thought it couldn’t get any worse than that—and then they got Nero. And then a civil war. This is exactly what is going on in the U.S. now. The people who want to be President are the worst among us. It’s hard to imagine a decent person wanting the job at this point, or at least anyone who’s not an egotistical fool…”
Of course, everything I’ve described so far is just a tiny fraction of what’s covered in this fantastic book.

Doug Casey is a man of incredible depth and complexity, with an extremely high intellect. As a result, his book is literally packed with ideas and insights you’ll find nowhere else.


* A clever way in which Doug has figured out to make very expensive hobbies, like owning horses and playing polo, free. Page 261

* The most important thing you can do with your money today, to protect it from the government. Page 278

* What to read to get a serious leg up on other investors and speculators. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll never see another great investor give this advice. Page 160

* How China’s approach to charity is vastly different (and far superior) to our approach in America… Page 18

* Why you have a moral duty to legally hide money from the government… Page 19

* How to understand the difference between fascism, socialism, and communism. Americans today bandy terms around without having more than a vague idea about what they truly mean. Doug clarifies it all on page 76.

* Why the death penalty is a terrible idea—here’s a take on the subject I’m sure you won’t read anywhere else. Page 213

* The best way to give money to charity and starve the government at the same time. Page 166

* The big difference between “healthcare” and “medical care” and why this distinction is so important. Most Americans don’t understand this very important concept, and it’s going to have disastrous results for our country. Page 115

* Why the United States is responsible for Fidel Castro’s long and terrible reign of power. Doug met Castro in person, and explains all the details on page 119.

* The types of places you should look for when thinking about relocating. There’s one huge and important factor you must consider–and this is one of the major reasons why Doug left New Zealand… Page 89

* Doug’s unique take on Warren Buffet, and why his “method of investing is going to become less and less effective in the years to come, and we’ll be left with just his goofy political views”… Page 96

Plus, another thing I loved about this book is that it’s filled with insights only a guy like Doug can give. Remember, this is a man who has traveled to, lived in, or done business in nearly 200 countries.

So you’ll find things like…

* The best cigar value in the world and exactly where to buy it, page 125.

* The best guns in the world for hunting, protection, and sport shooting… and an argument for gun ownership you won’t see anywhere else, page 129.

* How to find a great wine for about $15 a bottle, page 123.

* The two best spas in the world—one’s in America, the other in Asia, page 139.

* How anyone can buy an amazing, super-high-performance sports car at a fraction of the price most people pay for such vehicles. Page 170

* Great books and movies every liberty-minded American will enjoy, page 63.

* The best place in the world for Americans to retire today. Page 318

You get the point.

Doug Casey’s new book, “Totally Incorrect,” is essentially a “how-to” guide for any liberty-minded American who wants to live life to the fullest. He shows you how to make money. He shows you how to think clearly… how to analyze people’s erratic behaviors… how to put things into historical perspective… and how to have fun.

That’s why I just ordered a few thousand copies, which are now in my warehouse. And that’s why I want to send you a copy of this book, free of charge (remember, I’ll even cover the costs of shipping and handling).

I’d like to send you a copy of Doug’s new book, for two reasons.

The first reason… well… I’ve already explained, it’s pretty obvious.

I think this book is packed with incredibly important ideas. I’ve personally had the good fortune to know Doug personally, and to have him as a mentor for the past 15 years. He’s been like a second father to me… I’ve learned an incredible amount about life and business from him during this time.

I want you to have the same experience I’ve had–at least as much as is possible. This book is a great place to start.

The second reason I want to send you this book is because I think it is the perfect introduction to a new service my team and I have recently introduced.

It’s called S&A Digest Premium, and like Doug’s book, this new service could make you rich. But it’s also much more than that.

Let me explain…

As you probably know because you are already a paid subscriber, my team and I produce the Digest at the close of every day the markets are open.

In the Digest every day, we cover the most important economic and financial topics. We call out the charlatans and con artists of Washington D.C. and Wall Street. And we try to introduce you to great ideas we don’t think you’ll find anywhere else. We tell you about our personal experiences visiting companies, meeting with the best investment minds in the world, and uncovering great ideas.

In other words, we try to give you a deeper understanding not only of what is happening in the markets, but also why it’s happening too.

And in the Digest, we treat the subjects of money and investing exactly as we would want it treated by you if our roles were reversed.

That’s why many subscribers I talk with say the Digest is the most important thing they read, every single day.

Well, now we are offering something new.

Something different and better… a “Premium” version of the Digest, for those who want more insight, a deeper understanding of our analysis, more details on what we are investigating, and even the occasional investment recommendation, which you’ll find nowhere else.

So what I’ve decided to do is let you try Digest Premium for just $10.

If you’re willing to do that, I’ll send you Doug’s book for free.

Yes, you read that correctly.

You can try a full month of our brand-new Digest Premium service… AND get a free copy of Doug Casey’s new book (remember it retails for $20, not including shipping) delivered to your door for just $10.

I’m making this offer today only because I want you to see how valuable Digest Premium is. Here’s how it works…

Each day, we take one subject covered in the regular Digest, and go into it in much more depth in Digest Premium.

For example, we started producing Digest Premium in the beginning of December, 2012.

And already, in that short time, we’ve covered topics such as:

* On December 10th, I produced research for Digest Premium subscribers only, to show why one of the most popular industries in America is now completely obsolete, and will soon see every major company in this industry essentially go out of business.

* On December 14th, we had Dan Ferris dig into the numbers behind one of the world’s most popular new car companies, to explain why people who invest in this company are likely to get burned.

* On December 17th, for Digest Premium subscribers only, we found a clever way to pocket an extra $3,775 in income, thanks to one of the safest and most profitable stocks in America.

* On December 20th, we wrote up detailed notes for Premium subscribers only, on a 3-hour presentation we were invited to attend in Manhattan, put on by hedge-fund billionaire Bill Ackman, founder of Pershing Square Capital Management. We explained the full details of Ackman’s next big “short” target.

* Starting on December 24th, we did a several-day series for Digest Premium subscribers only… a special interview with Van Simmons, who’s one of the top collectible’s experts in the world.

Van discussed the best values in rare gold coins. He described what he believes to be the best art bargain in the world. (This is a long-term play 10 to 20 years where you can get in now at very low prices of $1,000 to $3,000.) Van also described the absolute best value in silver coins.

Again, this was all for Digest Premium subscribers only.

* On December 31st, Digest Premium subscribers got the full details on a trade recommendation from my brand-new trading research service, called Stansberry Alpha. Most people had to pay over $1,000 to get this information, but Digest Premium subscribers go the trade details free of charge. Our trade, by the way, is up significantly, already.

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You get the point.

Every day we produce the regular Digest, Digest Premium subscribers receive much more. It’s typically a more thorough analysis, and sometimes investment recommendations, on what we believe are the most important issues and best opportunities of the day.

And remember, you can get a full month of Digest Premium, plus a brand-new copy of Doug Casey’s new book, for just $10.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, I recommend you do it sooner rather than later. I purchased only a few thousand copies of Doug’s book. And once I’m out, that’s all I’m likely to get, unless this book goes into re-print.

Here’s how this deal works:

1. You pay just $10 today.

2. As soon as you submit your payment, I’ll have my team rush you a brand-new copy of Doug Casey’s new book, “Totally Incorrect.” Remember, this book retails today for $20 plus shipping.

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In other words, you are under no obligation whatsoever.

One thing to keep in mind, however is that there are no refunds on the $10 you pay today. I think you’ll agree that paying just $10 to get a month of Digest Premium, plus a new copy of Doug Casey’s new book is a really great deal.

So we can stop your payments at any time, but because of the special nature of this offer we can’t offer any refunds, as we typically do on all our products.

Oh… and I almost forgot…

There’s one more thing I also want to send you immediately when you pay just $10 today for a month of Digest Premium, and a copy of Doug Casey’s new book.

Here it is…

Over the past week, I polled all of my best analysts, and I asked them one simple question: “What is your #1 money move of 2013?”

What I wanted to know is, what do my guys think will be the biggest and most important financial trend of the year, and how do they think you should play it?

The responses we got back were great, and we compiled everything into a short little report called: My Favorite Money Move of 2013.

I’ll tell you not only what I think the most important move is for 2013, but also what our other top analysts think too.

I’m talking about people like Frank Curzio, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, Jeff Clark, Dr. David Eifrigand Dan Ferris. Plus, I contacted some of my favorite experts outside of my business, for their thoughts too.

For example, I asked Van Simmons about the best opportunity in the collectibles market for 2013. And we asked Jeff Phillips, one of the best precious metal and energy investors in America, about his top idea for 2013 as well.

As you’ll see, there are some really great ideas in this brief report. I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, but I strongly encourage you to get your hands on this report, right away.

And remember, the only way to get access to it is to take advantage of this opportunity today.

Pay $10 now… and you’ll receive:

** Our new service, Digest Premium, for the rest of this month and ALL of next month too.

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** And your exclusive copy of what might turn out to be the most valuable Special Report we publish all year, in which all my top analysts and several outside experts report on their favorite idea for 2013. This Report is called: My Favorite Money Move of 2013.

Obviously, I think this is an incredible deal.

But unfortunately, I’m going to have to cut it off when I run out of Doug’s books.

At the very least, pay $10 today. Get your copy of Doug’s new book and access to our brand-new “best ideas of 2013” report right away. You can make a decision on Digest Premium over the next month or so, before you ever have to pay another penny.

I feel pretty confident in saying it will be the best $10 you spend all year.

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Best regards,

Porter Stansberry
Founder, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

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